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Matching standards for office accessories


The same dress will have different effects due to the different accessories. Therefore, everyone pays great attention to the matching of accessories when choosing clothes. However, the ornaments in the office are better and simpler and less desirable.

However, although the style of selection is simple, it can be slightly required in terms of quality. In this way, you will be able to match the dress you wear, without being garishly dressed.

At the same time, the texture of the jewelry you wear is elegant. Although you can't show off your style at the moment, you can keep it fresh. This kind of dress is mature. If you still stay in too dazzling costumes, indicating that you are still in the early stages, you still need to study.

Jewelry does not interfere with the principle of work

A simple knit dress, coupled with a beautiful pendant, this match is very harmonious. However, if it interferes with work, it should not be worn. For example, the earrings that would hinder the telephone conversation should be taken off at work. Similarly, the company will never say anything more, but it cannot but pay attention.

Some people may think that if the jewelry is taken off, the overall beauty of the clothing will be destroyed. Therefore, if you choose to go to work can still use the accessories, is the smartest.

Of course, if your jewelry will make a sound at work, you should remove it immediately in order not to affect your work mood.

The jewelry worn at work should avoid being too beautiful or flashing. Basically, it is still based on the principle of not hindering work. Therefore, a pendant that is too long is not suitable. Moreover, if the necklace is too long, it will often affect the work because it is too concerned about being hooked on the corner of the table.

The choice of earrings should also be fixed on the ear. On the other hand, if it is too long, it is not only unappropriate work, but it does not look dignified and often causes criticism from others.

In addition, jade and too high-grade rings with too many stones are not suitable for the workplace. These are all worth noting.

Turn office stationery into beautiful decorations

Some women who like to dress up often sigh because of work restrictions, especially when companies in uniforms are required to work.

In fact, if we can do more, we will not have such annoyance. For example, pen boxes, booklets, etc., if viewed from another perspective, are one of the accessories, and more work can be done on this. Another example is that the more expensive and better-quality stationery, pamphlets, pouches, etc., can not only reveal your beauty, but also others will have a good impression of what you use.

Of course, these are not intended to show off to others, but if you can use it properly, it will produce another good result at work. If you use old things from the student days, you will feel naive.

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