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Why Choose Meijiamei Adjustable Cabinet Legs?
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Why Choose Meijiamei Adjustable Cabinet Legs?

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Why Choose Meijiamei Adjustable Cabinet Legs?

Why Choose Meijiamei Adjustable Cabinet Legs?

When it comes to choosing adjustable cabinet legs, what will you think of?

For most of ordinary people, they don’t have an idea, except kitchen fitters and manufacturers. Because they know how important it is to choose a good quality products.

Not all legs are equal and if you’re a manufacturer of quality kitchens you will know that adjustable cabinet leg quality can make or ruin a kitchen.

Read on to find out just why our adjustable cabinet legs are so highly regarded by the experts of cabinet industry, including makers and distributors.

Yes, Adjustable Legs are so important for the cabinets especially for kitchen and bathroom. For bedroom or office, either.

The legs holding up your furniture need to be sturdy and reliable. A poor adjustable leg can result in problems with installation and possible failure of the cabinet in future. You need quality adjustable kitchen legs that meet yours, and your customers’ expectations.

So, why buy cabinet legs from Meijiamei when there are plenty of other options out there?

Well, we believe that the kitchen cabinet legs that we have developed are unique in the market and feedback received so far has been fantastic.

Our plastic leveling legs offers a practical solution for common issues when it comes to transporting and fitting cabinets.

Multiple benefits

Our adjustable legs benefit both kitchen manufacturer and fitters alike; the design of the legs makes transporting cabinets easier, reduced breakages and means that fitters can unload and fit cabinets easily.

Suitable for all types of manufacturer

We offer our adjustable legs in two fitting versions – ‘screw-on’ for smaller manufacturers who may have their own fitting team and ‘Knock in’ for bigger manufacturers, shipping out large quantities of rigid cabinets.

From Dongguan, For the world

Meijiamei is a Chinese manufacturer and locates in Dongguan China, which is a well known manufacturing center in the world. You might hear a saying that wherever the order is placed, it will be manufactured in Dongguan eventually. We have the richest resources for industrial manufacturing.

Meijiamei is also part of this city, and also a part of Made in Dongguan, China.


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