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Plastic Grey Kitchen Cutlery Tray 400mm Cabinet
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Plastic Grey Kitchen Cutlery Tray 400mm Cabinet

  • MJM-130
  • Meijiamei
  • 39263000000

This small plastic kitchen cutlery tray is with high quality. It is made of ABS material and suitable for 400mm cabinet drawer.

It has an easy-clean textured finish and is the ideal small storage tray for drawers. The small cutlery tray has a simple but effective layout to keep your cutlery tidy.

Perfect for keeping your cutlery and utensils neat and tidy .With deep pockets to ensure that cutlery doesn’t fall out this tray is ideal for keeping your kitchen drawers in order. Use these trays to keep clean cutlery separate, ready for use, or have your staff separate cutlery ready for cleaning.

The 400mm cutlery tray layout and dimensions are as illustrated; and it has a height of 50mm. Other storage trays for drawers of most sizes are available.

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