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Knock In Adjustable Storage Corner Cabinets Legs
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Knock In Adjustable Storage Corner Cabinets Legs

Knock In Adjustable Storage Corner Cabinets Legs
  • T268-1
  • Meijiamei
  • 39263000000

T268-1 features a foldable leg and a adjustable height of 90-180MM, which helps to prevent furniture from erosion, wobbling, vibration, tipping, and wearing down caused by uneven and humid environments.
Made of virgin plastic material rather than recycled one, providing a high strength, and easy to install and adjust. 

Design for freestanding/base furniture like Storage Corner Cabinets.

Product Features

• Perfect for base cabinets

• With adjustable height

• With plinth clip for toe kick

Dowel type for mounting with cabinet

• Excellent high and low temperature performance

• Solid connection & close fitting

• Humanized design

• High loadability up to 150kG per leg

• Over 20 Years Exprience

1) Material:


2) Model:

T268-1 (Dowel type)

3) Type:

Knock In

4) Surface treatment:


5) Height:


6) MOQ:

5000 pcs

7) Lead time :

7-15 days

8) Terms of trade:


9) Terms of payment:

T/T, Western Union, L/C

10) Packing:

Carton, Pallet



Meijiamei cheap adjustable cabinet legs were created and produced for supporting furnitures that happen to be in a humid ecosystem like kitchen or bathroom to counteract ground water from corroding the base part.

Also They is known to raise heights of cabinets to run toe kick plates, and are also great for placing cupboards on uneven flooring.


All Plastic Parts Are constructed with premium virgin PP/ABS naff, Which Provide Extra Muscle And Stability.

Available for customized mounting.

Easy to install - Unique design connected with adjustable mechanism, just turn with a screw driver!

Easy that will adjust - High Normal Threads Make Adjustment Far more Flexible.

Widely Applied to your humid environment like kitchen's, bathroom, dining room, car port, and applied on a large number of furniture like sofa, truck bed, table and chair.

Some of our advantages:

Experienced in naff products, able to adjusting formulation flexibly as outlined by different product;

R&D capacity: Able to conduct endless new product development with a crew of competent technicians;

Social responsible: Insisting with producing safe, healthy as well as environmental-friendly products; Never uncovering a to quality;

OEM and also ODM service available;

Our products are suited to all sizes, like 3 OR MORE inch, 6 inch, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and many other specification, and all of us support customization.

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