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How To Adjust Cabinet Unit Legs And Attach Plinth
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How To Adjust Cabinet Unit Legs And Attach Plinth

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How To Adjust Cabinet Unit Legs And Attach Plinth

When fitting your kitchen units, it’s important to ensure that they are all square and level. 

To start off with, you need to lay your units on their back and slot the adjustable legs in (1) to the locked position (2).

Once you have put your unit legs in and stood the unit upright, it’s a simple process of adjusting each foot section (3) slightly to allow for any slope in your floor. 

It’s always a good idea to have a spirit level to hand to ensure that the units are level in all directions.

Adjusting kitchen unit-legs

Fitting the plinth

Marking the plinth

Now that your units have feet on them and are now level, lay the plinth in front of the cabinets and mark the centre of the leg on the plinth, then draw a line down the centre of the plinth to give you 2 cross sections (4).

You now have the points to which you will be attaching the plinth clip back plates in a moment.

Now, screw the plinth clip back plate central to the markings made in the last step (4). 

Then slide the plinth clips onto the back plates (5). 

Finally position the plinth with the clips near the unit legs and line up with the legs before pushing the plinth into place, allowing the clips to spring around the kitchen unit legs.

Plinth Clips

Side return plinths

Finally, when fitting side return plinths, fit the plinth clips to the plinth in the previously mentioned way, making sure to fit the clips above the centre of the plinth. 

This will prevent the front clips from clashing as shown below (6).

Side return plinths

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