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Customized MDF Closet Storage Boxes for Wardrobes
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Customized MDF Closet Storage Boxes for Wardrobes

Customized MDF Closet Storage Boxes for Wardrobes
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Customized MDF Closet Storage Boxes for Wardrobes

Meijiamei clothes organizer box series are made of Quality and ECO friendly materials like PVC/Leather/Velvet/MDF/Cardboard/Circuit Board/Aluminum board etc.

It is made for organising clothes & smaller things like cables, tape, strings, bra, underware, beddings etc for Wardrobes and Closets. This item is 100% Custom Oriented, which means you could any color/size and designs as per your requirements.

Features & Hightlights:

1. Design stylish appearance, Exquisite workmanship.

2.Made of leather and circuit board , Safe and Durable For Use.

3. Multi-function Can Be Used For Many Purposes Accommodating.

4.100% Custom Oriented - Size/Design/Materials/Function are fully customized!

5.ECO Friendly - 100% healthy raw materials, including glue/fabric/leather/MDF etc.

Name: Storage Box
Material: MDF + PU
Color Grey
MOQ: 300pcs
Outer packing: 1 pcs per carton
Size: Customized
OEM: Welcome
Factory: Over 16 years production experience
Delivery time: Normally within 30 days after receiving your 30% deposit
Payment: By T/T, L/C or others

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Is the fashion jewelry everywhere we look? Are you straining to keep up them coordinated & practical?

Meijiamei jewelry organizer is exactly what you are actually searching. They are going and keep your fashion jewelry synchronised, cool and also using dignity displayed in the most amazing means. our team assure this consequently do each of our clients.

- with areas from many measurements to keep a good deal of sorts of jewelry goods, each in their very own room

- Attractive contemporary concept- it’s very apparent that Meijiamei has provided much target every little bit regarding information while developing this particular tray box. the smooth layout is usually the perfect blend of modern in addition to course

- Top quality- actually created together with strong & the premier quality components just and it is actually predestined to last for a long time of time

- Forget about displacing precious jewelry- as well as its orderly chambers & racks this carton can all your precious bracelets managed & featured in one place

- 100% hand-crafted, and also 100% customized oriented.

Shopping for the most famous interior designer to support your wardrobe, dresser and closets?

Meijiamei provide our solutions as well - clothes storage bins, which is great pertaining to creating and maintaining more manageable drawers. We offer dresser drawer organizers that will fit in many drawer sizes, adjustable drawer organizers which might be ideal for dividing under garments, socks and other tiny clothing accessories, and whitening tray organizers that help keep items from getting shed and forgotten in congested dresser drawers, and these drawer boxes are a great way to make them more feasible, and less frustrating.

Our dresser drawer storage proverbial box is perfect to save dress shirts, slacks, and also other clothing items in that drawer, or you can organize books over a shelf as well.

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